San Jose del Cabo
Traditional, Picturesque, Original
San Jose del Cabo has skillfully preserved the natural charm and romance so typical of small and colorful Mexican towns. Its main plaza, church and buildings bespeak peace and remind us of what a relaxed environment should be.
San Jose del Cabo is a gourmet’s paradise positioned to provide sophisticated and memorable dining experiences; there is enough variety to suit all tastes, impeccable service and wine lists suitable for even the most demanding connoisseurs.
The absence of wild nightlife and loud bars encourages you to relax, take your time and enjoy life with no rush, no schedules waiting, and no timetables to meet.
All this is found in quiet and discreet elegance, complemented by the courtesy and smiles of the inhabitants of this lovely town.
The estuary, a natural environment unique to this region, enables the visitor to explore a series of paths where nature has built a sanctuary for all kinds of migratory birds to periodically dwell amongst the unique vegetation that flourishes in the area.
The Tourist Corridor
Sophisticated, Exclusive, Discerning
This is the place for you. Image yourself in a superbly and meticulously planned 20-mile long environment conceived just for the elite.
Explore this gorgeous and privileged terrain as you listen to the soft waves lap at the rocks and sands of the beaches before you.
Meanwhile your tee time is approaching and from your balcony you see that particular green where yesterday, that “birdie” made your day. All this goes through your mind while you calmly savor a gourmet breakfast; no need to rush, since everything has been previously arranged for you to enjoy.
Todos Santos
Is a natural paradise where desert meets the Sierra Laguna mountain range. The Southern Baja peninsula hosts several unique eco-systems that are special to us. In December we watch all the Whales migrate through our coastline. Todos Santos (All Saints) is on the Pacific coast about 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. As you enter by car, Todos Santos will delight in this Oasis of palms & fruit trees producing delicious mangos, papayas, avocados & more. The fields of agriculture and our quaint (growing) village sides-up to miles of pristine, un-spoiled beaches. We attract beach aficionados, bird-watchers, hikers, wild-life enthusiasts, kayakers, surfers, snorkelers, scuba-divers, fishermen... O' the list goes on!
Arround Cabo
Los Cabos, in Mexico, on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. The municipality of Los Cabos is located and consists of four main areas.
East Cape
Wilderness, Rustic, Isolated.
This is the place for you, the joy of basics. Who does not remember all those good old times, when the village kids were be the first to greet you after your success in your fishing joust! The days when along your walking path toward the pier, people would greet you by your name, and you could remember theirs.

The waters of the Sea of Cortez offer world renowned fishing, snorkeling and diving. Along with over 200 species of tropical fish which are protected within the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, the fishing outside the park is a fisherman's paradise. Game fish include Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Slapjack, Grouper, Sierra, Pargo, Cabrilla, and Jack Crevalle among many others. The water temperatures from January to May and October to December range between 65 and 75 degrees. It rises to between 75-85 degrees in June through September for excellent scuba diving and snorkeling. Cabo Pulmo Marine Park boasts the only living Coral Reefs in the Sea of Cortez with eight major fingers of reef starting at the beach and stretching over a mile long. The marine preserve lies between Los Barracas Bay (north) and Los Frailes Bay (south). Other interesting sites aside from the reef include a sea lion colony, "caves" with different varieties of coral and tropical fish, the shipwreck of an old tuna boat and miles of pristine beaches that make this area a truly beautiful get away!
Cabo San Lucas
Challenging, Untamed, Exciting
You’ve got it! This is the place for you. In the mornings you have challenging water sports such as wave runners, parasailing, scuba diving, skiing and surfing, where your skill is contested by the dazzling waves and bright sun. Charter a boat and try fighting a marlin! But even with all those fish are waiting for you, you may prefer taking a romantic stroll along the most surprising beaches where privacy is easily found and your imagination runs free.
Everything under the sun will be there, from simple tacos to sophisticated fare in exclusive restaurants. You can even have lunch served right on the beach in the shade of a big umbrella. Early afternoon? Shop around the town where all kinds of stores offer not only souvenirs, but also surprisingly fine art, jewelry and apparel.
This is the moment when that contagious spark that gets everyone moving spreads across the city. The nightlife beats all your expectations with some of the craziest, most entertaining bars on the planet and the chance to meet all kinds of interesting people. Dance, sing and forget you have a care in the world!
You may still be going when the first rays of sun rise over the horizon; but then a new day starts and all the fun starts all over again!
21°C - 31°C
Cabo San Lucas, MX