It all started with a Myth from ancient Greece. About the soldier Pheidippides, who run from Marathon to Athens to declare the victory over the persian army. After that he died.
The marathon is one of the most storied races of all time. Originally conceived as a race for the 1896 Olympics in Athens, the marathon immediately captured the imagination and hearts of the running public.
Before the Olympic race in 1896 a Greek Championship race was held from Marathon to Athens. This was the first Marathon race.
Transported to Boston in 1897 by American spectators, the history of the marathon in the new world is almost as long as the history of the marathon itself.
Apart from the Olympic Marathon and The Boston Marathon, there were other races established before the Second World War.After 1945 Marathons were started all over the world.
In 1982 a women's marathon was incorporated for the first time by the European Championships. The current marathon distance (26 mi., 385 yds.) was set for the 1908 London Olympics so that the course could start at Windsor Castle and end in front of the Royal Box. Not until 1921, however, was that distance adopted as the "official" Marathon distance by the IAAF.

The Cabo half marathon was born in 2006 as a project to make an international event in Mexico. Due to its logistics quality and services to the runner, in 2007 obtained the approbation afiliation of the AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races).
At the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions have participated some of the best mexican marathoners as: Benjamin Paredes 1995 Pan American Champion in Argentina and second in The 1994 New York City Marathon, Martín Pitayo 1991 Pan American Champion in Cuba, he also won the 1990 edition of the Chicago Marathon, Andres Espinoza who won the 1993 New York City Marathon and current world record master, Adriana Fernandez who won the 1999 New York City Marathon, Margarita Tapia who won the 2004 Houston Marathon. In addition to the participation of international runners as Wanda Panfil who won the 1990 London Marathon, the 1991 Boston Marathon, the 1990 New York City Marathon and the 1990 Nagoya Marathon, she also won the world title in the women's marathon at the 1991 World Championships in Athletics in Tokyo, Japan.
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